Crisis Management

A team of proficient, results driven solvers can be the difference between being subject to forces beyond your control and being in control of your own destiny.

RYTES executives are some of the best crisis managers in the business.  For example, our CEO acted as a successful point for a facility that had a deadly outbreak of the adenovirus, leading the team in all areas from public relations to pre and post survey response.  He successfully acted as point in several large scale Department of Justice and/or Attorney General investigations in multiple states that resulted in dropped prosecutions of individuals, no CIA agreements and no monetary settlements in some cases, and in other cases, settlements at a small fraction of what was demanded; and has played pivotal roles in quieting labor actions.   RYTES personnel routinely assists our Clients in: assessing the appropriateness of Immediate Jeopardy violations and discussing the same with survey teams and/or supervisors prior to issuance of a 2567; narrowing the scope of governmental investigation and helping to ensure completeness of cooperation and response; formulating responses to media inquiries; and independent investigation of residents, family members or loved one’s complaints to allow the foregoing and the facility to achieve a peaceful path moving forward.  RYTES personnel are ready, willing and able to step up to the plate when the pressure is on and our record speaks for itself.  RYTES will work with you, regulatory and law enforcement agencies to resolve any issue that arises and help you maintain your success, as well as your good name.