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With the help of so many, including our Fundraising Committee and Sponsors, we will raise and distribute over $9 million, in $300 increments to over 30,000 selfless, tireless, professional Heroes -nurses and aides working in COVID-19 epicenters. See details at: Healthcare Heroes in Action Fund


To be eligible a Hero must meet the following criteria:

  • Work full time in a single Skilled Nursing Community (“Hero’s Community”) between April 15 & May 15, 2020, (“the Applicable Period”).  Full time means more than 175 Hours;
  • During the Applicable Period, the Hero’s Community must have treated COVID-19 positive Residents, defined as Residents who either tested positive or were symptomatic and untested in a community that has confirmed cases;
  • Devoted the majority of professional time providing direct-nursing and/or personal care to residents;
  • Hold a License or a certification as a Nurse, Nursing Assistant or Aide or another certification which due to emergency declaration permitted the Hero to perform duties of an RN, LPN, or CNA.

Should there be inadequate funds to meet all qualified requests, NCRNC will take the following into consideration when choosing priority:

  • The amount the employer will match;
  • Whether the Hero tested positive for COVID 19 during or after the Applicable Period;
  • Whether the Hero discloses that he or she has material unreimbursed extra-ordinary expenses such as for childcare or isolated housing.

To apply and submit your application, Click Here