OIG 2-Year Work Plan 2020-2021

Effective Regulatory Navigation

RYTES Company keeps track of present and future OIG Work Plans to make sure that if anything in the realm of compliance affects our client we are ahead of the curve and are prepared. It’s important for us to make sure we understand the focus areas that are referenced by the OIG in their Work Plan but to also keep up with the information that is posted by the OIG on their websites to keep up with everything compliance related.

It is the extra steps that we take that make sure we are keeping our promise and following our belief that we will help our clients with all aspects of Compliance & Ethics and are providing the essential tools to do so.

With regards to the OIG Work Plan, RYTES Company professionals make sure to dissect the information, then interpret the information and turn it into data, and lastly take the data and utilize it to provide guidance to our clients. We incorporate the recommended Work Plan focuses into our trainings and programs moving forward if it pertains to our clients or compliance.

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